10 Tips of Natural Treatment for Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common illness in daily life, which is characterized by the distressed inflammation of prostate gland. Physiologically, the prostate gland is localized in the base of the urinary bladder. The illness can cause damage to all adult men.

Home therapy is getting more and more attention among sufferers who suffer from prostatitis with varying degrees.

There are 10 tips that can be helpful.

1. Pumpkin seed is a great option for sufferers. You can grind pumpkin seeds into fine powder. Take a spoonful of the powder twice daily. This is an effective home therapy for improvement of prostatitis.

2. Consuming tomato salad daily is also suggested, which is healthy and full of nutrients. Tomatoes can be able to clean the prostate and wash away infectious bacteria.

3. Some uncommon ingredients can also be of great help for sufferers with prostatitis. For example, consumption of juniper berries and parsley in daily life can be conducive to improvement of prostate inflammation.

4. Doctors suggested that taking alternate hot and cold hipbaths every 10 minutes relieves prostatitis pain.

5. You should known that zinc is able to prevent prostatitis. So it is suggested that you can have zinc rich food items, such as oysters, shellfish, wheat germ, wheat bran, eggs, pine nuts, pecan nuts, brewer’s yeast, cashew nuts and so on. If you don’t know whether you are allergic to any of these things, it is better to plan the diet according to the doctor’s advice.

6. You can also eat food cooked generously in olive oil, which is also seen as a suitable approach to preventing prostatitis and related symptoms.

7. In summer, the watermelon is very common and you can use it as well. Take 1 teaspoon powdered watermelon seed daily to help you improve prostatitis symptoms.

8. You should know that sitting for too long can be a cause of prostatitis, while sitting on a pillow can be taken to ease the discomfort and improve the blood circulation.

9. You should drink more water every day. And drinking a glassful of cranberry juice daily can be helpful.

10. At ordinary times, you can take 1 teaspoon palmetto oil twice daily, which is highly beneficial in curing prostatitis. Besides, you can combine 3 teaspoon each of gravel root, hydrangea root and sea holly. Boil the combination in water to make herbal tea. Drinking the tea twice everyday can also help you improve your condition.

Home therapies can be of help to some extent. But if you want to get fully cured, medication should always be your first option. For example, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a powerful weapon for sufferers to solve the prostatitis symptoms. It can effectively disperse inflammation and improve male urogenital system. It features no side effects, so you can count on it with no doubt.

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